Director of Photography
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Director of Photography

My name is Jukka, or JAYMO as some people call me. Whichever you prefer. I was born and raised in Finland, spent a few years living in Stockholm and have always enjoyed travelling abroad. Fortunately, my work keeps me on the road quite often and some of my personal favourite spots to shoot at have become the US, China, the UK, India and several places across Europe. My obsession for moving images and photography started early on: filming skateboarding and then turning that into making mini-movies. This eventually led me to study the craft at TTVO, which eventually allowed me to turn this important outlet for expressing myself into a career. I love working with light and that’s something I consider myself to be very precise and passionate about on set. For the past six years my work has mainly been focused on commercials, but I’ve also shot a wide variety of projects, ranging from documentaries to music videos all the way from Finland to India and many places in-between. I’m an expert at packing, fanatic about music and an avid Liverpool F.C. fan and used to working with many different formats both analog and digital. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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