F.U.N.C. – Nectar

The newly formed Finnish/Dutch duo F.U.N.C. takes you on a futuristic R&B adventure to the dark side of human psyche. Their debut "Nectar" is all about the primal scent of seduction and turmoil. The short film is an ensemble of bitter sweet stories revolving around sex, deception, violence and greed.

Video got honorary mention on OMVF - Oulu Music Video festival 2017

Written and Directed by: Simo Liukka
Director of photography: Jukka Moisio
Producers: Ville Nikunen & Markus Malvisalo
Editor: Tommi Hietaniemi
Gaffer: Tommi Jokinen
Sound design: Akseli Soini
Grade: Marko Terävä
Makeup artist / special FX makeup: Karoliina Viinikari
Productioncompany: Visual Works


Heidi Lindén
Juha Uutela
Elias Salonen
Liisa Vääriskoski
Santeri Helinheimo-Mäntylä
Ami Hasan
Pauliina Sjöberg
Juho Tolvanen


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